Thursday, October 13, 2011

Knitting No Sew Slippers number 5

For my last slipper, number 5, I decided to wing it and make up my own pattern.  I had three things I wanted to do.  Easy, no sewing and using basic sock techniques. This is what I came up with.  Writing the instructions took longer than the knitting!

Momo Charlene's Not Sew Unseamly Slippers

starring:  Encore Chunky Yarn
music by:  The Size 7 DP's Needles

cameo appearance:  One Big Weaving Needle

Socks fits women's size 6 to 8.  I wear a size 6 and checked my length as I went along.  They are comfortable, but could stretch---about an additional 1-1 1/2.  I started the opening at the widest part of my foot.

Cast on using favorite toe-up.  I used Figure 8.
After first row of knitting divide stitches onto 3 needles: 4-4-8.  Knit in the round.
Begin  Increase every other row until 36 stitches total.  No more increases.
Continue in until length of toe is 3"  (or a little more to reach the widest part of your foot.)

 This is where we stop knitting in the round.

Knit across Needle 1.  Turn.  Knit 3 (this begins the garter border.) Purl 6.
Needle 2:  p 38.
Needle 3: p 6, knit 3.  Turn. Knit all across ending with Needle 1.

Continue doing this for about 1". 


ending with purl row.  now at beginning of Needle 1 on knit side: Knit 6. Purl 3.  Cast on 8 stitches using backward loop cast on. (Needle 1 now has 17 stitches.)

Continue onto Needle 2 doing garter stitch border, knitting across needle 2 and 3.  On needle one K6-then garter stitch border.  Purl across 8 stitches. Needle 2 Garter Border Knit 6.  Needle 3 K18.

Needle 1:  Knit 6.  GB 3. KNIT across 8 (this will be the last row of the strap)
Needle 2:  GB 3.  Knit 6.
Needle 3: Knit 18.  Needle 1: Knit 6. GB3. Turn.  (No longer working in the round.)

GB3. Purl 30.  GB3. (now on needle 2) Turn.  Continue going back and forth until just at the beginning of the heel about 2". Need to start short row heel on knit side with Needle 2.  Needle 3 is the heel stitches.

Needle 2:  GB 3.  Knit 6.

Needle 3.  Knit 17. With yarn in front slip next stitch.  Turn.  Slip stitch back to right needle.  Purl across, wrap/turn last stitch with yarn in back. Slip purlwise. Turn. Knit 16. W/T. Purl 16. W/T.  Continue to do this until W/T 5 times both ends.  So there's 8 stitches in center. 

On knit side begin to pick up wraps.  Slip first stitch.  Knit 7.  Slip one.  Pick up wrap (now 2 stitches) and knit together with slipped stitch.  Turn. Slip first stitch. Purl 7. Slip one. Pick up wrap (behind) and purl together (three loops).  Turn.  Continue this way until all wraps picked up and together ending with purl side.  (last W/T on knit side will not be done) Continue purling across Needle 2 with GB 3.  Turn. 

Now to pick up border around top of slipper.  Keeping stitches on needles (holding) and Active stitches on Needle 2.

On Needle 2 (right side facing) GB 3.  SSSK. Turn.  Should have 4 stitches.
*Purl 1.  GB3, Turn.
GB 3. Slip one knitwise. (should be a gap) Slip one knitwise.  Now  knit two slipped stitches together. Turn.*   Keep doing this all around until reaching needle 1.  Do 3 needle bind off.

Slipper knitting number 3

Angie's Short Row Slippers by Lara Neel

Slippers number 3. 
This is a free pattern I found on Ravelry. 
I am using two strands held together of Paton Wool Classic in Plum Heather.
Using a 10.5 needles.  (pattern calls for 13's)
These are small.  Which is okay.  I wear a size 6 (Eur 37) shoe.    
I will only shrink them a little.
Now I have to remember how to do a three needle bind off!

Monday, October 10, 2011

slipping away in slippers

Winter Slippers
by Veronik Avery

These were a joy to make.  I used Cascade 200 Heathers--Baby Rose.  Not even the full skein.  Single strand with size 8 needles.  They are wide and comfy.  They are moppy.  In other words, I feel I could mop the floor with these!  Still, I like them very much and love knitting the design details.  Now I have to start slipper 3!  Stay tuned.................

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Knitting Slippers

one seam---easy
even looks good before shrinking

ta-dah!  Duffers by Mindie Tallack

Still working on that stash or two.  I have some Paton's Classic Wool and decided to try my hand on felting.  I picked out some slippers from various sources and plan on doing 5 different patterns.  Duffers by Mindie Tallack is a fast, inventive and so fun to knit.  I held two strands together of the Classic Wool and sped along happily.  I took photos right away so I could post them and give credit to the designer.  I went to her blog to thank her when I find she said that someone commercially produced these slippers using her pattern--she so graciously allowed true knitters to freely make for personal use only.  She has taken the pattern off the  site and apparently talking to a lawyer.  So I am sorry that I can't link you to her wonderful blog and this pattern.  It's a shame.  Please go to Ravelry to see more about this slipper.

I have finished slippers from the book Knitting 24/7:  30 Projects to Knit, Wear, Enjoy on the Go & Around the Clock by----by Veronik Avery.  That will have to wait until tomorrow.