Sunday, May 22, 2011

duckling feet with a secret splash of knitted color

Pink Surprise Sock

   Just finished Plan As You Go Socks with leftover Koigu KPPM/Regia Sock Yarn (Brown)

Lately I have been working in the clay studio all day long.  By the time I clean up and cook dinner, I'm too tired to think about complicated lace patterns.  I do love to knit in the evening while watching old reruns on the tv.  No chart, no instructions, no reading.  So that leaves plain old socks.  I have duckling feet.  Short, but wide.  The advantage of this is it doesn't take long to knit a pair of socks and not as much yardage.  I love knitting with Koigu and Shibui yarns.  I still need two skeins of these yarns to make a pair, but I end up with enough to knit up toes and heels and mixed with just one new skein I have another pair of socks.  The possibilities are endless.  With a basic toe up sock pattern and a stripey pattern, I can knit away.  I actually find the stockinette stitch very soothing.  I love the idea of having only a neutral color showing, but when I take off my shoes there's a shocking shade of pink. Or this subtle shade of turquoise, stippled as if a painting.  I paddle about on my duckling feet comforted by this little secret splash of color about my toes.

Turquoise Sky Socks
Toe up ending  with simple double eyelet rib


For my simple Turquoise Sky Socks I started with a basic toe up pattern.  I had a full skein of the flax in Patons Kroy Socks and a bit of Patons Kroy Socks FX in Camo.  I used only the blue to gray part for the toes.  Once I had done all the increases I needed (for me, 60 stitches total) I started with the flax and went on up ending with 24 rows of double eyelet rib.  This yarn washes up to a soft bloom.  I love these socks.  It reminds me of our summer days of gray fog in the morning and just a peek of turquoise sky in the afternoon.