Thursday, March 15, 2012

Plum Snow Hat

Plum Snow Hat by MoMo Charlene

With the rains coming through the last of the plum blossoms now blanket my mossy lawn.  I was working on some socks in honor of the asparagus spearing through the ground.  I have this bright grassy Shibui sock yarn and began to make a swatch.  Yet somehow the pink snowy plum blossoms looked so beautiful and I had to make a hat.  I had just the yarn, in the right hue, fluffy and light. It will take only a moment or two (in knitting time) to fashion up a hat in honor of plum snow!  

close up and nearly done

This is a simple lace pattern, but it looks like the branches of the plum trees to me.  Around here we dress in layers and don't necessarily need tightly knitted caps.  Just something to keep the breeze off our ears.  A lace pattern has just the right ventilation.  The longer ribbing covers up the ears keeping them in the pink warm. 

Bird Blind  getting its first layer of glaze with Plum Blossom Snow Hat in back

In the meanwhile, I do need to get back to my real job and finish up some ceramic pieces for an upcoming exhibit.  I will post the pattern for Plum Snow Hat as soon as I finish off the top.  

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