Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spinning clay into yarn bowls........

Satin Cobalt Green Glaze with floating black crystals
Yarn bowl in a robin egg glaze
Last few weeks I have worked on some yarn bowls, hats and trying to write up a sock pattern that I will post soon.  I know I still have a hat pattern I am working on the last post.  It is nearly done, too.  I left it out to remind me that the crown needs finishing. I know its getting warm, but around here the summers can be colder than winter.  The yarn bowls are a donation to the Camilla Waldolf School annual auction gala.  Each yarn bowl comes with a teacup and a sample of wool.  I made sure they had a little weight on the bottom and tested them.  They work wonderfully and look sweet just storing a ball of yarn.  They come in different sizes, some with holes. 

fresh off the needles and in need of blocking
Right now I am preparing for a ceramic and glass exhibit.  I have sculptures everywhere in different stages of completion as with my knitting projects.  Off I go to check the kiln!  Then some sock knitting...........

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