Monday, November 12, 2012

the beating of a knitting heart

One of my favorite yarn is Madelinetosh Tosh DK.  
Mainly because I am addicted to blues and grays.
How can one past up not buying at least a skein?
And even better buying two skeins to make a Honey Cowl?

It's an easy but beautiful project to knit while watching mystery shows on Netflix.  Right now I am watching George Gently.  I have seen the series before so I can knit and pause as I need without losing a stitch or clue.  I love the texture and bouncy feeling of this pattern. 

No bit of yarn goes to waste.  The stripes are from the gauge swatch and last few yards of one skein.  The Honey Cowl takes two skeins and I like to join at the beginning of the row.  The dark charcoal gray is some Berocco Peruvian. In the meanwhile, since I believe in the number 3, I started and finished another hat.

I knitted this hat with Paton's Troy sock yarn.  I have used this yarn before and like that it is inexpensive, washable and blooms nicely.  It's an original pattern that I will write up and post.  It is very stretchy with easy little cables and decreases that creates a  shapely spoke crown. 

Now I was down to two projects so I needed a third again.  You know how it is with knitting!  I also got a skein of Lions Martha Stewart dk yarn.  I needed a light gray, washable yarn and I live far away from my favorite LYSs.  So I grabbed it at Michael's.  It knits up smoothly and it is soft.  Not as springy as Madelinetosh, but it works.  We will see if it pills after wash and wear.
jogging stripes are a challenge
Although hats are fun to knit I really need to get started on some shawls and socks. I couldn't get much done this fall as I was getting all the ceramic work finished up.  Also have a house to finish building.  Lots of making going on, but I have to admit knitting is the most relaxing. It takes on a rhythm that coincides with my evening thoughts.  It helps me sort out things that happened during the day and the plans for the next.  And then like the beating of a heart---knit, knit, knit, purl, purl and knit---on it goes...........

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